When Is Florida Hurricane Season?

After the dawn of summer, the next natural event that Floridians are expecting is the hurricane season. In late summer, the tropical cyclone activity peaks and causes the hurricane season. Usually, the beaches or the coastal areas get more affected by these storms. People who are living in Florida live with the menace of hurricanes and tropical storms. The damage causing by those hurricanes vary each year. But when is Florida hurricane season?

This article hopes to bring you few insights into Florida’s hurricane season, its consequences, and pre-disaster preparations.

Referring back to our heading, when Florida hurricane season?- Generally, the hurricane season begins on the 01st of June and extends until the 30th of November each year. This is usually the most common period where tropical storms form. Although this is considered the official time of the hurricane season, there’s still a probability of storms forming at different times. According to the records on the history of hurricane season in Florida,

  • an unnamed storm developed on the 08th of June,1966- the earliest named storm in the history
  • two storms from two categories were recorded on the 07th of March 1908, and the other on the 04th of January 1938.
  • Hurricane Alice in 1954
  • tropical storm Zesta in 2005

” According to a new report from AccuWeather, the 2020 hurricane season was responsible for $60-65 billion in economic damages.The biggest contributor to this year’s loss bill was August’s Hurricane AccuWeather estimates the Category 4 storm was responsible for $25-30 billion in damages.Hurricanes Sally, Delta, Zeta, Isaias, and Tropical Storm Beta were other storms that also caused at least $1 billion in damages. ” – propertycasualty360.com

Pre Hurricane Preparations

Early and prior preparation for a disaster when you know it is going to happen can protect you and your family. The tropical storms of the hurricane season hit and damage the areas around the coastal area mostly. Therefore, especially the people who live by the beaches should be fully prepared to face the disaster situation.

01-Get your emergency supplies ready

  • Be ready with water for at least three days.
  • Non-perishable and easy to prepare food that is enough for at least three days.
  • Battery-powered flashlights, a radio, and extra batteries.
  •  A first aid kit
  • Some clothes
  • Needed supplies if you have children and elderly members in your family.

02- Plan to evacuate

If you get orders to evacuate, NEVER ignore them under any circumstance. Get your emergency supplies and leave home safely with your family and pets. Ensure the safety of your children, elderly members of the family, and pets.

03-Follow the guidelines

Do not forget to follow the guidelines given by the CDC. The CDC recommends that you should note down the important and emergency contact numbers. Print important documents such as insurance policies and property documents.

The hurricane season for the Floridians isn’t something that is unexpected. But knowing the right information and preparing for it can keep and your family safe.

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