Summer has finally arrived and this may be your most awaited season of the year because there are so many reasons to love summer! The sunshine, cloudless dark blue skies, the sweet scent of beautiful wildflowers, putting on your beloved shorts or summer mini dress, or enjoying the warm and cozy days with your friends could be among your most favorite things. However, this summer is not going to be the typical season we have enjoyed so far. While the whole world is going through chaos, we have had to enjoy summer with few restrictions this time. Summer camping with friends, crowded outdoor concerts or parties, or long summer vacations could be cut back for our safety. 

But does that mean you have to lose all the fun you planned to have this summer? Not at all. Why not enjoy yourself with your friends? So here are some productive and merrymaking things to do in summer with friends.

01- Have a Classic Movie Night.

Summer nights are long so how about watching some good old movies with your friends? Since social distancing is important these days, you can arrange this at your place or someone else’s house. You can find some amazing classic movies if you do thorough research on the internet and ask your friends for suggestions. Prepare yourselves some great snacks and alcohol-free drinks so you can have the optimum fun while watching movies. 

02- Host a Home Cooking Competition.

Since this summer is mostly about safe indoor activities, this is going to be one of your favorite things that you do with friends this summer! You can invite friends with great cooking skills and make them compete [You too can join if you are one good cook]. Discuss with your companions and make rules and let the others be the judges. To make it more of a professional cooking contest, the competitors wear a chef’s hat and an apron. Go for less messy food or drinks like popsicles, ice cream sundaes, cocktails or mocktails, s’mores, etc.

03- Discover Some New Books

You might have gotten the chance to come across some appreciable books during the lockdown period so why don’t you share them with your friends? Start a virtual book club with all the bookaholic friends of yours in it. No matter if they are hard copies or e-books, all of you can get together and share them among yourselves. Discuss about the books you read and this could be among the most constructive things that you could do with your friends in summer.

04- Set up a Backyard Picnic or Camping.

When you plan things to do in summer with friends, wouldn’t everyone love this? A backyard picnic or camping would be a perfect experience to have during summer. Decorate your backyard with friends and prepare your favorite food. Get some portable speakers and set up a good playlist to make it groovy. To have the feeling of a real night of camping, set up a tent or create a makeshift shelter using clothes and ropes. Make it magical by setting up hanging lanterns and using battery-powered candles. Have a barbeque and stargazing with your friends to make it a striking summer event. 

05- Go for a Safe Swim and Sunbathing.

What is summer without beaches, a swim, or a sunbath with friends? Although indoor activities are safe, a little trip to a nearby beach with friends would not do big harm if you follow proper safety measures since the restrictions are slightly eased. Try to avoid overly crowded beaches and inform your friends to stay home if any of them are not feeling well. Remember to swim sober and do not forget the sunscreens while you are exposing yourselves to the sunshine. Take snacks, food, or beverages so you don’t have to buy them outside. 

06- Plan out Volunteering.

While enjoying the summer with your crew, why not share that happiness with someone who needs it? Volunteering does not mean that you and your friends should think of big things but a small act of kindness could fill some hearts with happiness. Try to visit an animal shelter or a children’s shelter this summer with your friends. You can call such a shelter and get the needed information before your visit. Discuss with your friends and arrange a small summer program with the children if you plan to visit a children’s shelter. This will obviously be one of the most unforgettable and adventurous events for you and your friends.

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