We always do care about your desires. That’s the reason why we are pushed to bring you the best spots that we think you’d love to hit this summer. Hence we thought to share the things you should know about Smith Point Beach from this article.

Smith Point Park is Suffolk County’s most magnificent oceanfront park. So, let’s see about the things you should know about Smith Point Beach if you plan to visit this place.

Location, History, and Facts of Smith Point Beach

sky reflected in the ocean at the fire island
sky reflected in the ocean at the Fire Island

Smith Point County Park is a beachfront park facing the Atlantic Ocean. It is on the east end of Fire Island, along the central south shore of Long Island, near Shirley, New York, United States.

The beach got its name from Smith Point, a peninsula on the Long Island mainland that stretches into Bellport Bay.

Smith Point Park originates its name from William “Tangier” Smith, an ancient New York settler. He was the late mayor of the city of Tangier of the Moroccan Coast. Afterward, Smith moved to New York in the 1600s and became a member of the Governor’s council. Later, he recovered grants of landform Lord Limerick. Smith ultimately obtained large bundles of land in what is now known as the town of Brookhaven. In 1701, he toiled as acting Governor of New York. Comfortable public access to Smith Point Suffolk County Park started in 1959. This occurred when the state opened the bridge that joins the mainland of Long Island to Smith Point Beach, located on what is named Fire Island.

However, over the years, nature has not been generous to Smith Point Beach. Repetitious northeasters and Hurricane Sandy took damage on the ocean beach, causing extensive erosion. Anyway, in 2015, the United States Army Corps of Engineers commenced setting roughly 2.5 million cubic yards of sand onto the beaches at Smith Point County Park. The project outcomes have been significantly flourishing. And this led Smith Point Beach to look once again like before the storms devastated much of the shore.

Significance of the Smith Point Beach

Smith Point serves as Suffolk County’s most significantly known beach and treasure of the Suffolk County park system. With over five miles of soft sandy shores, it is also one of the most extensive and most impressive public beaches in the entire state of New York.

To reach Smith Point County Park, one must pass over a bridge to get to the park’s destination on Fire Island. The William Floyd Parkway gives entrance to the bridge from the North. There are no fees on the bridge. However, the visitors should exit the bridge and drive for approximately a half-mile by the park. Then, they will likely be welcomed by a toll booth to enter the park’s large parking lot.

Facilities/Amenities and Things You Can Do at Smith Point Beach

The majority of guests throughout the summer months use Smith Point County Park for its wonderful beach. However, the park contributes a camping ground that is available by permit only. The camping ground is often used by numerous New Yorker’s camping wheels and community-sponsored camping excursions. Campers could enjoy 222 campsites with full hookups for trailers. In addition, you could experience the delicacies from a small snack bar called the Wave that trades Italian Ices and assorted snacks. There is also the availability of off-road vehicles to drive on particular parts of the shore. However, 4×4 vehicles must have permission. There are no lifeguards at these parts of the beach.

Short underground tunnels pave the access to the bridge. Once through the tunnels, beachgoers can reach a boardwalk that faces the beach. On the path stands a construction that provides bathrooms, showers, and a huge food cafeteria called The Beach Hut. You could enjoy Beach Hut’s live music in the evenings seven days a week through the summer months. This cafeteria also presents a vast collection of interesting tropical drinks and a comprehensive menu. In addition, it also emphasizes a wide variety of seafood. There is also a first aid station attached to this building.

Other activities and amenities:

  • surfing
  • scuba diving
  • playground
  • fishing
  • bird watching
  • special seasonal events
  • dog friendly
  • lifeguarded

The Best Time of the Year to Visit Smith Point Beach

Montauk Lighthouse and beach, Long Island, New York, USA.
Montauk Lighthouse and beach, Long Island, New York, USA.

Most people who hit Smith Point Park usually travel to the beach during the summer months. However, even on the coldest winter days, there will be at least a few people walking the sand at Smith’s Point. Many will only visit Smiths Point beach through the offseason. There’s just something about a beach during the winter that gives the feeling of tranquility. The peace that one finds during the winter months at Smith’s Point beach is a welcome release from the hustle of the business day. The sand is condensed during the winter months, making it more comfortable to walk in shoes on the beach.

We hope that we brought you many essential details on things you should know about Smith Point Beach. But, always make sure that you check with their regulations, safety, and security guidelines regarding the dominant global epidemic before the visit. Would you please share your ideas and let us know when you will be visiting this beautiful place? We are waiting to hear from you!

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