As the summer heat arrives, kids get hyped with excitement more than any other in the universe. They tend to seek ways to have fun with the summer warmth. Especially preschoolers, who are more curious for their age, would love to get wet, play outside, and try new things. So, suppose you are a parent or a teacher to a preschooler. In that case, you too may lookout for engaging preschool activities for summer – activities that will keep them entertained, occupied and educated.

Therefore we thought of listing some preschool activities for summer from this article that you too will be interested in. So, come, let’s beat the heat this summer with our kiddos with some exciting preschool activities for summer!

01- Ice Cube Color Mixing

Colour mixing with ice cubes
Color mixing with ice cubes

Kids just LOVE to play with ice! All you need to is a few drops of food coloring, water, and ice cube trays. Once the water is frozen, you can begin the fun with kids asking them to mix the ice cubes and watch the colors combine.

02- Rock Painting

Painting rocks with colours
Painting rocks with colors

You can let the kiddos use non-toxic paint for this activity. They will have fun exploring the shapes of the rocks and stones. Rock painting is a simple yet excellent way for kids to learn the colors.

03- Build Ice Cube Castles

Building castle with ice cubes
Building castle with ice cubes

Building ice cube castles is a perfect way for your kids to enjoy than making a typical sandcastle. You could assist your kid with stacking colorful ice cubes as they wish and watch how tall they could reach with their castle.

04- Fun with Pool Noodles

Having fun with Pool Noodles
Having fun with Pool Noodles

Pool noodles can actually be very useful when you set activities with your preschooler. You can cut the noodles into shapes and let them paint with them. They’ll mess with the colors, which will be an adventure for them. This activity will keep the kids engaged for a long time.

05- DIY Neon Slime

Playing with Neon Slime
Playing with Neon Slime

Slime is a perfect sensory activity for kids. Try making DIY neon slime using glue, neon glitter, and baking soda as key ingredients. DIY slime is safer than store-bought ones, but ensure that your child is always under your supervision when they play with slime.

06- Ice and Lemon Water Play

ICE & lemon water play
ICE & lemon water play

This activity is budget-friendly and a refreshing exercise to play on a warm summer day. All you need is a sensory bin, lemon, water, some ice, a few smaller cups, and tongs. Watch how they would have fun squeezing the lemon and pouring water into the cups. Ask them, ” Honey,could you please make me a cup of lemonade?” and we are sure that they’ll be thrilled!

07- Playdough Seashell Fossil Activity

Seashell Fossil Activity with Playdough
Seashell Fossil Activity with Playdough

Here’s another indoor sensory activity for your kiddos when it is too hot to be outside. You can use the seashells you collected from your last visit to the beach and playdough. Ask your child to press the sea fossils into the playdough and make them observe the shapes.

08- Shark Color Matching Game

Sharks are always creatures that kids get fascinated with. So why not introducing something exciting to your preschooler with some bright-colored printable sharks and fish? Cut the mouths of the big printable sharks and glue an empty tissue roll at the back. Get the small fish and ask your kids to match the colors of the smaller fish with the sharks.

09- Paver Painting with Water

Painting Pavers with colors
Painting Pavers with colors

We are sure that kids will find this a truly exciting thing to do! Although this activity has nothing to do with painting, kids will have the opportunity to develop their creativity. Besides, they certainly love outside activities in summer rather than the boring painting sessions indoors. So get some paintbrushes and water and make them draw or paint whatever they want on the pavers.

10- Water Pistol Painting

Summer is never-ending fun with water and colors when it comes to the kids. You can set up a large canvas in a shady spot outside and let your preschooler create art while squirting paint onto the canvas. Later, you can even make this piece of art into hanging wall art at home, encouraging them to do more creative things. Invite a few friends of your kid to participate in this water pistol activity to double their fun.

Excitement for your kids does not end here. Keep scrolling for more fun and productive preschool activities for summer!

11- Fresh Flower Oobleck

If you are blessed with many fresh summer flowers in your garden, this activity for your kid will not deserve any second thoughts. This activity will be kind of an enthralling scientific experiment for your preschooler. All you need is some corn starch, fresh flowers, water, and food coloring as the key ingredients. Make your kids watch and feel how fascinatingly the oobleck moves through their little fingers.

12-Bubble Snake Blower

Blowing snake bubbles
Blowing snake bubbles

Bubble snake blowing is something beyond the ordinary bubble blowing for kids. You can make the snake bubble blower using a plastic bottle, an old sock (preferably a child’s sock), and a bubble mixture. Make your kiddos blow and blow and blow the bubbles to their heart’s content!

13- Ice Cream Math

We cannot dodge educating our sweethearts during the summer. Therefore, we bought you a simple yet fun activity which you can make them practice for counting. This simple activity requires lots of colorful pom-poms and some construction paper. Make them construct super tall pom-pom ice cream cones while counting.

14- Sponge Water Bombs

This could be one of the most enjoyable activities among all the preschool activities for summer on our list. Make an epic water encounter with sponge water bombs! What fun would it bring to the kids when the entire family engages with their battle? All you need is reusable sponges and water.

15- Toy Swap

Children playing with different toys
Children playing with different toys

At the end of the day, we all expect our kids to be the best version of themselves. Toy swap will teach them that sharing is caring. Invite a few other parents and their kids to come over with toys that they no longer want and make them swap toys. Ask them to bring the toys in good condition, and you can do the same. Draw numbers and see who picks a new toy first.
Please note –that you should always keep your preschoolers under your supervision when they are dealing with the playing materials.

Please leave us a comment below to let us know your ideas and more activities you will try with your kids.

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