The classy and captivating Newport Beach is unquestionably one of Southern California’s top-notch beach destinations. This quaint little oceanfront town offers its visitors outstanding amenities and experiences that could last for a lifetime. World-renowned for its cleanliness and family-friendly environment, Newport Beach has become a fantasyland to many who’d love to have a unique beach encounter. There is a three-mile extended Peninsula bordered by Newport Harbor on one side and the Pacific Ocean on the other side. Newport Beach emphasizes the historic McFarren Wharf, which is often called the Newport Pier. Also, the Balboa Pier on the Balboa Peninsula and fishing piers on the Balboa Island and the Peninsula are known places. Hence, many who visit Newport Beach once would not hesitate to tell that they need to go there again and again.

So we would love to make you an amazing tour along the pristine beaches, an excellent harbor, along clean piers, and many, many more attractions of Newport Beach from this article. Let’s start!

Where Is Newport Beach?

Newport Beach is a coastal city situated 35 miles away from Los Angeles in Orange County, Southern California, in the United States. The nearest city to Newport Beach is Santa Ana which is only 9 miles away from Orange County.

Things to Do/ Places to Visit in Newport Beach

Newport pier California
Newport pier California

Whether you are a traveler, a family with kids, a romantic couple who need a honeymoon getaway, or someone who is passionate about adventures and new experiences- Newport Beach just has everything you need! This is a place that manifests class and grace, filled with coziness and sunshine. In addition, Newport Beach Beach has some of the luxurious beachfront hotels and restaurants in Southern California. Also, this coastal city is very prevalent among yachters, sailors, anglers, and especially a marked destination for whale watching in the entire country. Newport Beach is also home to California’s best surf spots, where you can find an excellent Surfline here. Visitors can even witness the magical bioluminescent waves in Newport Beach, especially during spring and summer. These magnificent, glowing waves enhance the charm of Newport Beach, and it makes a sensational view at night.

Let’s now lookout for must-visit neighborhoods of Newport Beach that can offer you an unforgettable stay there.

Corona Del Mar State Beach

View of Corona del Mar State Beach (Picture source –Wikipedia by D Ramey Logan)

This beach is one of the most famous coastlines in the city. The surf of Corona Del Mar State Beach is calm, which is ideal for swimmers and the half-mile-long extended and well-kept beach is a sunbathing-perfect spot. The picturesque towering cliffs of the coast provide a super backdrop for romantic date nights or a family photograph.

Facilities of Corona Del Mar are as follows:

  • accessible is free
  • volleyball nets
  • fire pits for public use during regular beach hours (from 6 a.m – 10 p.m- availability on a first-come, first-served basis and with your own wood and fire starters)
  • Panoramic views for perfect picnic areas with a collection of picnic tables.
  • plenty of parking
  • restaurants
  • public restrooms
  • outdoor showers
  • Dogs are allowed before 10 a.m and after 4.30 p.m

You should take the road from Iris Street and Ocean Boulevard if you are driving to the beach. There are parking lots above the beach, and a paid parking area is available closer to the sand.

he Wedge

Surfing at The wedge
Surfing at The Wedge (Picture source –Wikipedia)

The Wedge is an ideal place to spend an afternoon watching the fearless wave runners and body surfers. This was created in the early 1900s when a jetty was built to protect the harbor. Therefore, now the beach area has some of the largest waves in Southern California. However, this place is not so favorable for beginner swimmers or young children to surf as the solid riptides and currents can be dangerous. But it is indeed a great beach to enjoy if you stick to safety and sand.

The Wedge will offer you mesmerizing views of the sunset and nearby Catalina Island. Access is free to the Wedge, and parking is available in the residential areas close by.

Whale watching at Newport Beach

A group of whales swimming in the Ocean
A group of whales swimming in the Ocean

As mentioned on top, Newport Beach is a renowned destination for whale watching. You could catch a glimpse of these beautiful creatures all year round. Usually, in winter and early spring, you could see gray whales migrating to the south, and they would be turning north around April or May. Also, in summer and fall, blue whales are often visible around the waters of Newport Beach. You could also spot humpback and minke whales, or even dolphins come to your boat occasionally.

However, many companies in Newport Beach could offer you whale watching trips that you can choose accordingly. So never miss out on a whale-watching trip if you plan to visit Newport. It is totally worth it!

Balboa Island

Balboa Island Grand Canal
Balboa Island Grand Canal

This tiny, manufactured Island, connected to Newport Beach by a bridge, is a place filled with amusement. You can find Marine Avenue as the main shopping and dining spot on the island. Wandering the island with a bicycle will be a great experience, and there are plenty of bicycle rentals on Balboa Island available for you. Do not forget to try out their signature treats, The Balboa Bar and Frozen Banana. You can rent paddleboards, kayaks, sailboats, and many other water sports types of equipment if you are a water sports enthusiast.

To avoid traffic or for more adventure, you could also take a ferry to Balboa Island. There is also a sidewalk all around the Island, and you can even consider leaving your vehicle on the mainland.

Newport Harbor

Newport Beach is woven around this magnificent, naturally-made Newport Harbor. The views of colorful sailboats and charter boats while you take a walk along its banks are breathtaking. You can go sightseeing by renting a boat for the day and watching the sunset would be something to die for! Newport Harbor hosts year-round marine events like Ensenada International Yacht Race. Generally, this event occurs in April and draws a massive amount of spectators from all the places.

Furthermore, Newport Harbor offers you:

  • 24/7 free access
  • Seafood restaurants
  • fishing docks
  • picnic tables
  • volleyball courts
  • public restrooms
  • parking lots

Balboa Peninsula

Newport beach peninsula
Newport beach peninsula

Balboa Peninsula is the picturesque 3-mile extended beach that features the Newport Harbor on one side and sandy Californian beach s on the other. You could enjoy many dine-in restaurants and various bars, which is a perfect destination to live your nightlife! In addition, Balboa Peninsula is ideal for bike rides or cruising the harbor.

Balboa Fun Zone

Balboa Fun Zone by D_Ramey_Logan
Welcome to Balboa Fun Zone (Picture source –Wikipedia by D Ramey Logan)

Living up to its name, Balboa Fun Zone is an ideal place to enjoy fun activities for kids and adults. This is a boat-yard-turned amusement park which is operating since the mid-1900s. You and your kids will love a ride on its main attraction, the Ferris Wheel that provides incredible views of the Balboa Peninsula and beyond.

Other facilities, kid-friendly activities, and games are:

  • The Happy Swing
  • Discovery Science Foundation- here children can enhance their science knowledge with various marine life exhibits and activities.
  • food stalls
  • shops, boutiques, surf shops, eyewear stores
  • water sport and boat rentals
  • ¬†whale watching excursions
  • parking
  • restrooms

Lido Marina Village

Lido Marina Village is a must-visit exclusive shopping and dining area. Famous for its charm and scenic sea views, jewelry, and vintage shopping, lovers would be able to have so much from here. Lido Marina Village is small yet very clean and offers you an outstanding shopping experience with:

  • pet supply stores
  • salons, spas, and fitness boutiques
  • exclusive restaurants
  • electric boat rentals
  • free access with free parking

Fashion Island

Perfect Day in Fashion Island Newport Center Newport Beach
Perfect Day in Fashion Island Newport Center Newport Beach

This Island is a heaven for shoppers, featuring more than 100 brand-name stores, large chain stores, and independent boutiques. Fashion Island is a well-known spot in Newport Beach for its stylishness and a place to relax with the family. This area is dog friendly and offers many upscale restaurants too.

Sherman Library and Gardens

Marked as a must-go attraction by all who admires nature, this place provides much more than a collection of distinct books. It has a botanical garden with over 100 species of plants. The entire park is a paradise of various kinds of flowers, including roses and a succulent tea garden. The beautiful tile fountains, koi ponds, and tiny hidden waterfalls will bring tranquility to your disturbed mind.

There is a collection of cultural and historical books by the library about the Pacific Southwest region. Sherman Library and Gardens often host art exhibitions, festivals, and even yoga classes.

Back Bay

This place is one of the most important ecological reserves on the coast of California. Back Bay is the Upper Newport Bay Nature Preserve And Ecological Reserve of about 1000 acres of pristine wetlands. It is home to over 35000 migrated birds and over 200 endangered species. Naturalists, scientists, or nature lovers should not miss this spot once they make their visit to Newport Beach.

Crystal Cove State Park

View of Crystal Cove State shoreline (Picture source -Wikipedia by D Ramey Logan)
View of Crystal Cove State shoreline (Picture source –Wikipedia by D Ramey Logan)

This 3.5 miles of uninterrupted and clean shoreline will bring you the flavor of the rustic and vintage days of California. Crystal Cove State Park is a mesmerizing place that offers you the environment of a different community. This is also a fitting place for hikers, campers, and trailblazers. The Crystal Cove is a historic district proving homeland for 46 vintage coastal cottages, reminding the early 20th-century of Southern Californian coastal development.

In addition to the places mentioned above in Newport Beach, do not forget to visit the Pelican Hill Golf Club, Catalina Island, Pirate’s Cove Beach and go sightseeing on a sunset cruise.

Events at Newport Beach

things to do in new port beach
things to do in new port beach

You can enjoy various seasonal events meanwhile your stay at Newport Beach.


  • Annual Newport Harbor Christmas Boat Parade in December
  • Tree Lighting Ceremonies in November at the Fashion Island
  • Menorah Lighting Ceremony in December at Fashion Island
  • Newport Landing Sportfishing in December at Balboa Island


  • Yacht Race in April from Newport to Ensenada
  • Newport Beach Film Festival in April
  • Dunes Movie on the Beach in May
  • Easter Bunny Photos from March to April at Fashion Island


  • Fireworks Show at Newport Beach in July


  • Annual Taste of Newport in September at Fashion Island

*Please note that these events and dates may vary due to the unfavorable prevailing situation; therefore, we suggest you check before the information center of Newport Beach.

In addition, we advise you to check with all the other security and safety guidelines and forecast changes before visiting Newport Beach. For this, you can either log on to their official website or contact them.

So, when are you planning to pack your luggage to visit this fantastic place?

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