Summer is gradually heading towards the southern hemisphere, and Australia is also awaiting to embrace the warmth. Mettams Pools Beach is undeniably a favorite beach destination once it comes to summer in Australia. With an interesting history, Mettams Pools Beach is one of the best beaches in Perth.

So, this post will bring you insights on Mettams Pools Beach. Let’s see what we have to get you!

Location and Directions

Found on the northern beaches of Perth, Mettams Pool is put along the West Coast Drive within Scarborough and Hillarys. From West Coast Highway, drive Karrinup Road west until you reach the coast. Then, turn right onto West Coast Drive and see the black Mettams Pool signs on the left. The most suitable parking spot is the car park north of the reef. From there, you can walk forward the footpath to the walkway/stairs heading down to the beach.

History of Mettams Pools Beach

An aerial view of City Beach in Perth, Western Australia.
An aerial view of City Beach in Perth, Western Australia.

Frank Mettam was born in 1895 Wollongong, which had many 19th-century ocean pools. He got to Perth as a young boy. Furthermore, Frank and numerous other Mettam relatives served in the Australian Field Artillery.

During the Battle of the Somme, an enemy shell exploded near Frank and tore off his ankle, leg, and knee. And, frequent walking and swimming would become part of his attempt to recover from those wounds. Moreover, he progressed to the ocean and swam and walked to improve reacquire using his leg. His family was in Mount Lawley. But, they purchased a beach house at Trigg to give Frank an accessible entrance to the ocean and beach.

Then, Frank Mettam started developing an ocean pool at the beach close to his family’s beach house. He was aware that the area’s cutting rocky terrain made it troublesome for people. It wasn’t easy to swim or even walk on the sand to stepping on sharp rocks. In addition, he knew that the terror of shark strikes made people suspicious of swimming in the open sea.

Thus, Frank intended to cut out the limestone reef to build an improved ‘natural’ pool. So, that the children could play peacefully, safe from sharp-edged rocks and sharks. His war duty had given Frank experience of explosives. To anyone with a Wollongong or IIlawarra association, the sense of using explosives to produce an ocean pool would not have been unusual.

Eventually, Frank started excluding chunks of the limestone reef utilizing explosives and a giant crowbar. He initiated a project that would take decades to finish and involve his children and grandchildren.

In the 1940s, a secondary coastal road known as Coast Road connected Swanbourne and North Beach. Hence, road development projects involving explosives gave some of the explosives used to develop the pool.

After the 1940s, the improved pool perceived the name as Mettams Pool. And considered a ‘safe’ swimming location well suited to children and elderly persons.

In the mid-1960s, Frank Mettam still elevated Mettams Pool. And, he used his legendary giant crowbar to eliminate ‘just one more rock’. After all, Mettams Pool got its name in advertisements for nearby land and drew frequent early morning swimmers.

Mettams Pools Beach in Present and its Significance

Mettams Pool Beach is famous among children, elderly people for its calm ‘pool like’ condition all year round.

The 1.5m deep reef is a trendy snorkeling place due to the massive marine life that it calls the reef habitat. Moreover, a wide range of fish, starfish, and mollusks are visible within a few treads from the beach. The beach can get breezy in the afternoon. Therefore, if you intend to snorkel, the morning is the most suitable time so that you could dodge crowds too.

In addition, recreational fishers in the hunt of abalone also gather to Mettams Pool Beach. This happens during the west coast’s very concise and high-tempered abalone fishing season. This event occurs one hour on the first Sunday of November, December, January, February, and March. With stringent rules about each licensed recreational abalone fisher’s catch, strict rules about each licensed fisher’s catch’s number and minimum size are considered. You could see hundreds gather to the reef to reclaim their haul.

Furthermore, Mettams Pools Beach gets protected by calcarenite reefs. The beach is lined by the vegetated bluffs and bordered by an irregular 50-100 m extended platform reef. This produces aberrations in the shoreline. The road supports the cliffs. Also, backed with a huge car park cut into the bluffs back the northern section of the beach.

In addition, there is a ramp running all the way down to the water. This makes it convenient for strollers and wheelchairs. However, beach access is through stairs or a ramp. Toilets and an outdoor shower are located at the top, and a few sheltered tables are available on the premises.

Moreover, The West Australian Department of Education operates vacation swimming classes at Mettams Pool Beach in the summer.

And, you should know that Surf Lifesaving Clubs do not patrol this beach. Although not patrolled by lifeguards, certified inspectors visit the beach frequently. They act immediately to close the area whenever there are verified shark sightings. Anyway, Mettams Pools Beach is a lively village with picnickers experiencing the sun and constructing castles in the sand.

On a side note, DO check their rules and regulations with security guidelines before planning your visit to Mettams Pools Beach. In addition, remember that the spot could get really, really sunny. Therefore, make sure to take your sunscreen. Do not forget the other UV protection stuff, no matter what favorite summer outfit you intend to wear to the beach. So, when do you plan to pack your luggage to Mettams Pools Beach? Let us know!

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