Once you hear that the summer is on, it gives you a kind of an electrifying vibe, isn’t it so? I know how you’ve been eagerly waiting to have this season of the year all the way around. Last summer was completely heartbreaking since we missed all the fun and happiness we used to have due to the global situation. But this year, we all could catch a glimpse of hope with vaccination progress and eased restrictions. So you might be thinking or planning things to do this summer with family and friends. Do you think that you have ideas for summer bucket list this season? No? Oh, that won’t be a problem at all! That’s why we are always here to guide you.

Having a summer bucket list is an exciting and fun thing to do when you are obsessed with summer. Besides the days at the beach, going for a swim or a walk under the bright sun, there’s a lot more out there which you can do in summer. Having a bucket list will help you and your loved ones to maintain the happiness, warmth, and ebullience of summer throughout the season. Therefore we will bring you some gripping ideas for summer bucket list from this piece of article. So, shall we get going?

01- Try a New Food

Your foodie members of family or friends will love this idea! Apart from typical ice cream treats, cool drinks, or popsicles you used to make during summer, why not trying something new? Try some fusion dishes like Pork Sisig Burritos, Korean Fried Chicken with Ube Waffles, Sushi Napolean, or Butter Chicken Sopes. You can also try to come up with some superb ice cream sundaes, summer cocktails, Mojitos, or even s’mores.

02- Take a Road Trip

A long drive under the bright and shining sun would be something unforgettable this summer. As long as you use your private vehicle and ensure the safety of the members who join you, a road trip will not be harmful at a time like this. But, of course, going solo is absolutely fine too! Make a list of things you would like to do along the way with an exhilarating playlist of songs. Make sure to take the snacks and drinks so that you won’t have to stop often for food.

03- Do Your Gardening-do It Differently

Sounds interesting, yeah? You can make a difference or add some flavor to your basic gardening this summer. How about growing your own herbs to flavor your favorite homemade pizza? This can be a good health investment in a time we speak a lot about the immunity boosting through organic food. If you have kids, this will be quite an interesting experience for them too. You can easily do your research on the internet and find some books written on gardening. Don’t worry if you do not have a big area to grow. There’s plenty of ways of growing herbs in a small vessel, an unused mason jar, or in an old tire. Herbs like parsley, rosemary, cilantro, or thyme are not at all difficult to grow. Go ahead and make a twist turn to your garden!

04- Have a Super-duper Bbq

What is summer without a BBQ! This could be the perfect day to make and try your super luxury non-veg dishes. If you have super BBQ skills, reserve a summer night or two to have your ultimate BBQ night. Invite a few friends to your backyard and have fun grilling while serving a glass of wine or cold beer around. Set up battery-powered candles and lanterns, or you can even have a bonfire if your backyard is big enough. Make a magical and memorable night this summer while chit-chatting, dancing, and singing with your company.

05- Do Something to Make Your Summer Productive

Would you agree with us if we say that we live in a world full of toxicity? Unfortunately, most of you will agree. We cannot change the world around us, but we can contribute. Adding a random act of generosity to your summer bucket list will give you a reason to cherish this summer. Kindness is never a waste of time; therefore, plan to do something which will help others and your inner peace. Try to visit a homeless shelter taking food or toys or visit an animal shelter to adopt an abandoned pet. You can even attend a summer blood donation camp and help to save a life. If you are someone who cannot afford to spare time for something, as mentioned above, there are little things that you can do. Send a home-baked cake or flowers to an old relative you haven’t visited for a long time. Give your friend a random compliment and tell your loved ones how much they mean to you. Make the favorite dish for your parents, children, husband, or wife. An act of kindness does not really have to do with a lot of money or time; it just depends on your actions.

Have a blasting summer this year while ensuring the safety of you and your loved ones!

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