Having any getaway plan this summer once the restrictions are eased? Having any upcoming summer birthdays of a family member, friend, or a loved one? Thinking about how to plan a successful beach party this summer? Summer and beach-made for each other. Just imagine getting yourself drenched in seawater and having your feet and toes dipped in warm beach sand while enjoying the party vibe. That will make you forget all the stress from work or college.

So here are some sure-fire tips on planning out a lavish beach party this summer, safely.

How to Plan a Successful Beach Party This Summer?

beach party this summer
beach party this summer

01- Safety First Before Anything

It is strictly important that you should look out for safety measures before planning your party. Following the proper guidelines, keeping your crowd as minimum as possible, maintaining social distance, informing anyone who is feeling unwell to stay at home, and following the three basic preventive measures are the precautions that you and your crowd should take.

02- Stay Organized

Number one is been organized or prepping for what you are up to. A well-organized party has an over 90% probability to be successful so pre-planning is important. Get help and do a location hunt in the first place. A good location is key for a favorable outcome for your party. Make the location ready before three to four weeks. Once you are ready with the place, date, and time, make the list of the invitees and plan the menu, the games, music, activities, and decorations. Prepare a list of things you need to shop for. If you are a strict believer in themed parties, you are free to decide on a theme but beach parties are often better without a theme. If you crave to wear your favorite summer t-shirt or shirt, then you better forget about going for themes!

03- Know Your Crowd

When you think of how to plan a successful beach party this summer, having a clear note on whom you are going to invite for your party is important. Simply, you should know if there’s going to be kids, teens, youngsters, elders and elderly people at your party. This will be a great help when planning the food menu and making the list of activities and games you hope to have at your party.

04- Set up in Advance

Start setting up once you finish successfully planning everything. Get your pre-prepared shopping list and start getting the food items you can preserve, decor, things you need for activities and games, and any other essentials you have on the list, a week before the party. Re-check and make sure you don’t miss anything to avoid hitting the mall over and over again. This will save a lot of time for you. Make the necessary decorations the day before and have the food prep a few days back.

05- Food and Beverages

This is technically the item of your party so be wise to choose the best menu. Keep it easy so all of your guests will enjoy it. Be creative with a variety of finger food, a rich barbeque, and of course with plenty of non-alcoholic drinks or juices to keep the crowd hydrated and also some slightly alcoholic beverages to go in handy. Have some sweet treats ready too and don’t forget the birthday cake if you are throwing it to celebrate someone’s birthday!

06- Fun Activities and Games

Fun activities and games will keep your crowd entertained and will make an unforgettable party for them. So plan a few activities especially if there are kids at your event. Water balloon volleyball, tug of war, and hot beach ball are some games you can organize.

07- Music

Where’s the party vibe without music? Set up a playlist that swings between old and new hits to make the party happening for the guests. Make sure to take speakers with quality sound and backed up with some batteries to avoid music ruining the fun part of the event. Do not hesitate to play over a track if any guest requests to do so.

08- Be Prepared with Some Essentials

Here’s an important note on when you think of how to plan a successful beach party this summer. Something you tend to forget easily. Always have a first aid box ready by a corner of your space as you are having an outdoor party. Set up a portable drinking water filter with some disposable cups as staying hydrated is important under the scorching sun. And also place sanitizers and a couple of sunscreens to get yourselves protected from UV rays so that anyone who needs them can use them.

09- Always Have a Plan B

Last but not least, do not forget to have a backup plan with everything you organized. As we are dealing with the outdoors, though we checked on the weather, it can always turn out not to be as we planned as mother nature is unpredictable. So be prepared with a backed-up location or a date if in case your plans are obstructed by bad weather.

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