Can you remember how we got excited in childhood to see all those glowing and dazzling creatures at night when it is pitch-dark? Remember the movie scene on the floating lanterns from the movie Tangled? I assure you that the glowing beach of Maldives will definitely bring you a similarly magical experience!

The fascinating glowing or bioluminescent waves are a breath-taking view at night that you must see. We know that now you are curious to know what it really is and what occurs its glowing waves, unlike a typical beach. Come! We will take you on an incredibly beautiful journey through this bioluminescence beach.


The glowing beach of Maldives is precisely located on Mudhdhoo Island, also called Vaadhoo Island in Atoll, Maldives. This Island is easily accessible in under 15 minutes if you take a speedboat or a ferry from Male, the capital of Maldives. Vaadhoo Island has no luxury resorts and only populated with a lesser number of locals. However, this Island overall is a great place to explore. You can witness the beautiful culture and lifestyle of the people who live there, apart from its glowing beach.

The beach itself is a famous tourist destination on the Island. Apart from watching its glowing waves, you can enjoy water activities like scuba diving and snorkeling. The beach is perfect for a romantic walk or a picnic which you can make lifelong memories of.

What Makes the Glowing Beach of Maldives Glow?

Bioluminescence in Vilingili beach, Maldives
Bioluminescence in Vilingili beach, Maldives (Photo Credit – flickr)

This fascinating beach, covered in tiny microorganisms, is often mistaken for phytoplankton. They are actually aquatic critters responsible for the scientific phenomenon called ‘ostracod crustaceans ‘. They glow for seconds or a few minutes when they contact the water surface and get disturbed by oxygen. Whereas phytoplankton only glows up for less than a second.

These bioluminescent creatures use chemical energy which releases a bright blue color. They consist of a unique compound called ‘ luciferin ‘. When luciferin gets disclosed to oxygen, it emits this enchanting fluorescent glow.

What Is the Best Time to Witness These Bioluminescent Tides?

The best time to catch a glimpse of this mystical beauty is undoubtedly the nighttime. Most people believe that these bioluminescent creatures are frequently available to spot between June and October. However, their appearance can be pretty unpredictable throughout the year as many factors and forces could affect their appearance. Significantly, seawater current and the abundance of oxygen in waves could affect their display.

However, we are sure that you don’t want to miss capturing this magical glowing radiance to take as a remembrance to home with you. Therefore, make sure that you bring a good quality camera to capture some better shots to seize its glow splendidly. And also, try to make it off the shore on a boat where you can catch the best view of these glowing waves.

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