Beaches are transcendent gifts we have received from mother nature. At the same time, black sand beaches are extraordinary from the typical beaches in the world. We hope you remember our previous article on Reynisfjara or the Black Sand Beach in Iceland. So, this time we wish to bring you insights on the Black Sand Beach in Maui, another most exceptional one amongst the other black sand beaches in Hawaii.

Let’s now take a journey along the coast of this beautiful Black Sand Beach in Maui or also called Honokalani or Pa’iloa Beach in Wai’anapanapa, Maui.

Location/ History and Significance of the Black Sand Beach in Maui

Located in the Wai’anapanapa State Park at the 32nd mile on the road to Hana, this black sand beach in Maui is more than just a beach. Honokalani or Pa’iloa Beach has great historical importance to the Hawaiians. This place is filled with various Hawaiian legends, believed to be very sacred by the Hawaiian people. Encircled by 122 acres of land, the Wai’anapanapa Park itself comprises the beach with lava caves and wind-twisted foliage. In addition, it also includes Hawaii’s largest known temple ( heiau), stone arches, and blowholes. This park will bring a fascinating hike with a few wet,spring-fed sea caves and lava tubes.

The black sand beach in Maui is truly eye candy. The sand is a formation caused by a lava flow that has cooled, solidified, and then broken into tiny bits by the constant battering of the waves for many years. Accordingly, you could find various smoothed pebbles and some coarser ones dispersed around the beach. The sources say that the ancient Hawaiians collected the larger stones to use as the flooring of their residences.

Honokalani or Pa’iloa Beach is a photo-perfect spot in Maui blessed with many vivid tropical plants nestled among the lava cliffs. Wai’anapanapa means “glistering water”. Marked for its meaning, you can see the charming beauty of the turquoise water brightened by the light and contrasted against the pitch-black sand if you visit here on a sunny day. The black sandy shores, too, shimmer as the sun shines, making it a jaw-dropping sight to watch.

Things to Do near Black Sand Beach in Maui

A hike on the Wai’anpanapa Coastal Trails is the best way to examine and witness everything will be quite an adventure in this magical place. You can look for trail signs on the left side of the beach and hike all the way to Hana town. On your way, you could discover the mesmerizing ocean views and enchanting fauna and flowers around you. One could also take a visit to the old, ruined temple.

Another great way to admire the beauty of the black sand beach in Maui is to chill out on the beach simply. You could even set up a picnic on the beach with your crowd and enjoy the sights and sounds around you.

In addition, Wai’anapanapa Park has twelve cabins that you can rent out for a sleepover at night. You should get permission to spend a night, and if you are visiting for the day, you’ll have access to restrooms and picnic facilities.

Moreover, you can find accommodation from Hana Town, the closest city to the Wai’anapanapa State Park, if you don’t plan to stay there. This town is a rustic and authentic place where you can have an excellent flavor of Maui island life.

Things to Remember When Visiting Black Sand Beach in Maui

sunset on Maui
sunset on Maui
  • The beach has no lifeguards. Therefore, swimming is not encouraged as the water is deep and rip currents and can be very fierce and dangerous. However, the water is a bit calm during the summertime. So, it is advisable only to feel the water and sand between your toes and ankles.
  • Do not forget to take your shoes since the black sand tends to get significantly hotter than white sand.
  • Generally, the black sand is known to be the most tranquil during the summer months. Therefore, the summer months between April and September are considered the best time to visit the beach. 
  • Remember to check the weather before your bookings. Because, during the wet season, there can be a lot of rainfall, especially from November to February. 
  • Please remember that it is illegal to take or remove any of the black lava rocks, pebbles, or sand from the beach. You can take the memories back home with captured photos, but do not take anything home.

So set up your camera and bags to visit this beautiful black sand beach in Maui. How do you find this article would help you to plan your visit? Please leave us a comment below!

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