Among the black sand beaches diverged all around the world, California owns one of the best out of all of them. It is about the black sands beach in Shelter Cove, the incredibly gorgeous black sand beach that we hope to share insights on this time.

Location and Directions

This beach is located between the town of Shelter Cove and Mattole River Campground in California. As you come down the road into Shelter Cove, you will need to turn right onto Beach Road. This road finishes at Black Sands Beach. There is a sign showing you are at the King Range NCA, and the main parking is up ahead. You will have to walk down the sidewalk to enter the beach.


Significance of the Black Sand Beach in California

Shelter Cove is the rarest and unique black sand beach in California. It is in a tiny mountain town parted by 25 miles of zigzagging detours from Highway 101. The luscious, pitch-black sandy coastline extends for over 20 miles.

The beach is fabricated of two coves wrapped in dark pebbly volcanic sand. And, it is guarded by enormous rocks at the opening, center, and ending. The color of the sand is due to natural minerals present in them. They are abundant in iron and more substantial than regular particles of sand. Because the dark sand weighs more, it remains on the beach even when lighter particles get rinsed out to sea.

What makes this beach even more enchanting is the throbbing contrast between the tall jungle trees, intense black sand, and sparkling blue water.

The black sand beach isn’t a very favorable spot for swimming since the tide is strong and the water is cold. But, there are plenty of wonderful places to visit and take in the sumptuous beachfront views.

The entire area is quite secluded, and it is indeed a perfect place for those who admire calmness. If you visit Shelter Cover in April or May, you’ll be able to catch a glimpse of the migrating and calving whales. However, it’s open year-round. And, the ideal time to visit is during the spring and summer while temperatures are a little warmer.

Things To Do At The Black Sand Beach

As mentioned on top, this beach isn’t much of a swimming beach. But, you have plenty of other things to do to keep yourselves entertained and adventurous. Towards the north, along the Lost Coast Trail, you could find a number of camping spots and remote places. And sometimes, sections of this stretch could be obstructed at high tide. Therefore, make sure you plan your visit respectively.

Wandering the broad dark sand and pebble beach during the daytime is almost perfect! You can stroll in either direction on the beach. To the north is an enormous shoreline where you could enjoy beachcombing. And, towards the south, is Little Black Sands Beach. This whole region is safeguarded by the Bureau of Land Management in the King Range National Conservation Area.

Shelter Cove will look like heaven for a passionate getaway with your significant other. The sand is soft and smooth, so you could bring a blanket and arrange a picnic. Or, you can even take a romantic sunset walk along the strands while admiring the sounds of the crashing waves and ocean breeze.

Other facilities and activities at Shelter Cove are as follows:

  • Birdwatching,
  • Beach Walking,
  • Backpacking
  • Restrooms,
  • Picnic Tables
  • No dogs allowed on the beach
  • Free parking
  • Free backcountry camping permits issued at the trailhead

Please Note – We firmly recommend you to check the most recent updates before you go swimming or hit any location. Especially on possible hazards, security, water quality, and closings.

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