Usually, a beach lover looks for three main characteristics in a beach: sand, surf, and sun. And, we know how much you’d crave to be at a beach with the summer blast. Beaches with pink sand are admittedly a marvelous experience for all beach lovers. That’s exactly why we want to bring you the best out of the best!

How Did These Beaches Get Their Pink Color?

The pretty pink color of these beaches is absolute eye candy. But from where have they got that shade? According to the researchers, the light pink sand gets its tint from thousands of fragmented coral pieces, shells, and calcium carbonate materials omitted behind by “foraminifera”. They are diminutive marine creatures with red and pink shells that live in the coral reefs encircling the beach. When the foraminifera dies, their shells gather on the ocean ground and get washed to the coast by the recurring waves. Therefore, the red color exposes to the sun and blends with the sand to make these beaches pink as a fruit cocktail!

So, this time we will fill you up with the enthralling beauty of the beaches with pink sand scattered all around the world. Let’s start!

01- Pink Sands Beach, Harbour Island, Bahamas

Wave crashing on bermudas pink sand beaches
Waves crashing on Pink beach in Bahamas

Situated in the Harbour Island of Bahamas, Pink Sand Beach is a 3-mile extended coast with beautiful pinky sands. The water is calm here, and the waves are smaller thanks to a large reef ahead of the shore. The shallow water makes this an excellent place for the kids to romp and snorkelers to examine. Pink Sands Beach is also an ideal spot for horseback riding while enjoying the scenic views of the coast.

02- Horseshoe Bay Beach, Bermuda

Horseshoe Bay is renowned for its pastel pink sands
Horseshoe Bay is renowned for its pastel pink sands

Listed as one of the best beaches in Southern Bermuda, Horseshoe Bay is renowned for its pastel pink sands and turquoise water. This beach attracts tons of tourists, especially during the season (May through September). Therefore, remember to be an early bird to catch a spot to enjoy its beauty peacefully. If you are a photophile, Horseshoe Bay is the precise place for you! Surrounded by limestone cliffs and reefs, this beach is ideal for snorkeling. A lifeguard is always on duty during the high season, and there’s a concession stand to keep you filled. Lounge chairs and water sport equipment rentals are available.

03- Elafonissi Beach, Greece

Elafonisi beach crete greece
Elafonisi beach Crete Greece

Located on its own island on the southwest edge of the Island of Crete, Elafonissi is genuinely a place of tranquility. You’ll find here some of the softest soft pink sands on the beaches bordering the Mediterranean Sea. Also, Elafonissi Beach is one of the best beaches found in Crete, and it is easy to paddle through the water from the mainland. You can enjoy the serenity of the protected natural beauty around the place. However, sometimes the area can get windy, so you should be careful. Perfect for kids to splash about in the warm turquoise water of the lagoons that encompass the shore.

04- Pink Beach in Indonesia

Pink beach sand Indonesia
Pink beach sand Indonesia

On to the 4th on our list comes the Pink Beach, situated on Komodo Island, in Indonesia. This beach looks like heaven made on earth with its mesmerizing pink glowing sands and cerulean water. In addition, it is set within the captivating UNESCO World Heritage Site, Komodo National Park, with the luscious greenery and rugged mountains. And, you may also witness a Komodo dragon or two glancing out from the surroundings. However, access here is not so easy, but many resorts and tourist companies are willing to offer you boat tours that could take you there. Do not forget to carry a towel, water, a swimsuit, and snorkel gear, as the reefs are astounding!

05- Pfeiffer Beach, California

small-waterfall-rocks-and-blue-ocean-at-Pfeiffer Beach, California
small-waterfall-rocks-and-blue-ocean-at-Pfeiffer Beach, California

Pfeiffer Beach lies within Pfieffer State Park in the mythical Big Sur. Surrounded by towering cliffs and huge boulders, this beach is a rare beauty with purply-pinkish sand found in entire California. Keyhole Rock is an iconic spot of this rocky strand. The wave-worn arch of this Keyhole rock provides amazing captures to the photographers, especially during sunset. Yet, the waves can be violent, so swimming is not a good idea here. But you could have fun on the beach, like building a tinted sandcastle, climb around the gigantic rocks, or explore the natural caves. You can also find colorful sand caused by manganese garnet from wetter places on the coast.

06- Tangsi Beach, Indonesia

beautiful pink sand beach from Indonesia
beautiful pink sand beach from Indonesia

Here we brought you another breathtakingly beautiful pink sand beach from Indonesia. This slightly withdrawn Tangsi Beach is located in the southeastern point of Lombok. Lombok is a small island that lies beside Bali and possesses stunning views of Mount Rinjani. The sands of Tangsi Beach have a radiant glow of pink hue amongst all the other beaches on our list. The water is calm and makes a perfect snorkeling spot. And, great for kids as a swimming destination.

07- Pink Beaches of Barbuda

View of English harbor from Shirley heights Antigu

The baby pinkish tint of Pink Beaches of Barbuda will remind you of a romantically gifted valentine rose. This place offers you a 17-mile long beach, making it a serene honeymoon destination place for passionate couples. Located north of Antigua, Barbuda is moderately undiscovered by the tourists, protecting its rosy virgin beaches. Therefore, this place makes the ideal spot for those who admire tranquility and booming nightlife for something more than a typical beach experience. You can experience snorkeling and scuba diving while exploring a variety of marine life.

08- Playa Des Ses Illetes, Spain

Platja De Ses Illetes
Playa de Ses Illetes in Formentera

Located on Formentera, one of the cleanest and peaceful locations in the Balearic Islands of Spain, this beach is blessed with calming light-pink sand. If you need a tranquil beach getaway, you’ll find no other place than this. Although the strand is quiet, you can find huge, luxury yachts loitering around this area. This beach is installed within a conservation region to preserve its pristine shore. You can have the experience of some exotic restaurants and have water sports equipment rentals.

09- Crane Beach, Barbados

Encompassed within a verdant coconut grove, Crane Beach creates a jaw-dropping view of azure water hitting its baby-pinkish sands. The beach is accessible through a 98-step glass elevator from the Crane Resort, or you also take another rocky path from a far end. Crane Beach will be ‘the spot’ if you are craving to ride on a boogie board.

10- Beaches of Great Santa Cruz Island, Philippines

Great Santa Cruz Island, Philippines
Great Santa Cruz Island, Philippines

This beach sits two miles away south of Zamboanga City in the Philippines. Protected by marine conservation, it offers the visitors a quiet environment in addition to its rosy sands. The island is obtainable by a 15-minute boat ride from Zamboanga. You can enjoy a tour to the mangrove lagoon and enjoy the beautiful wildlife of the area. However, swimming is not encouraged here due to the rough waters, especially in the afternoons.

11- Pink Beaches of Tikehau, Tahiti, French Polynesia

Pink Beaches of Tikehau, Tahiti, French Polynesia
Pink Beaches of Tikehau, Tahiti, French Polynesia

Pink Beaches of Tahiti is a small paradise located in the Tuamotu Archipelago, the island of Tikehau. Compromised of multiple pink sand beaches, Les Sables Roses, located on the remote Island of Rangiora, a few miles away from Tikehau, is the second-largest coral atoll in the world. You could enjoy snorkeling, diving, and even have the opportunity to swim with dolphins here. The 100-foot deep lagoon surrounded by coral attracts much marine life, including colorful fish and other creatures.

12- Pink Beach, Bonaire

The amazing colors of Bonaire
The amazing colors of Bonaire

Pink Beach rests on Bonaire, a small island in the Dutch portion of the Caribbean. This beach features a narrow strip of pale-rose land with a line of palm trees. The water is calm and clear, so that you could enjoy snorkeling and scuba diving here. It would be best if you did not miss visiting the beautiful Bonaire National Marine Park when hitting this place.

13- Spiaggia Rosa, Budeli Island, Italy

Spiaggia Grande,Turkey, Italy
Spiaggia Grande,Turkey, Italy

This rose-tinted beauty lies on Budeli Island, an isle north of Sardinia ith the Maddalena Archipelago, which one person only inhabits. Bordered by granite rocks and deep blue water, Spiaggia Rosa even featured in the 1964 movie ‘Red Desert’. This place can only be seen from nearby beaches due to regulations to protect it. However, you could frequently witness whales and dolphins around this area.

14- Elbow Beach, Bermuda

Elbow Beach
Elbow Beach – photo credit: Larry Lamb –

Bringing you another gorgeous pink sand beach from Bermuda, Elbow Beach is an excellent place for swimming with its offshore coral reefs. Also, great for snorkelers and divers to explore the bright reefs, dramatic shipwrecks, and vivid fish. At a neighboring resort, you can enjoy the amenities of another private half a mile of pink sand. They will offer you five tennis courts, a private yacht, multiple restaurants, and Bermuda’s largest free-form pool.

15- Balos Lagoon Beach, Crete, Greece

Balos lagoon crete
Balos lagoon crete

Balos Lagoon is another beauty from Greece, featuring its slightly pink and sugar soft white sand and glowing greenish-blue sea. Getting to this beach needs a little planning. You could either take a private yacht or simply grab a ferry from the port of Kissamos. Visitors can also drive but will have to walk for 25 minutes to arrive at the beach. The lagoon water is warm and shallow, making it perfect for the kids. You could also enjoy snorkeling as the water gets deeper once you pass the rocks.

So what will be your next pink sand beach destination? Leave us a comment down below. We would love to know!

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