When the rays of the bright sun kiss us, we start to smell summer and all the fun and adventure it would bring. Beach camping is one of the most cherished moments we long to have with the approach of summer. Undeniably, beach camping in California is a must-have experience that one should have in a lifetime. Anyone will agree if we say that California has one of the most exemplary coastlines in the world. The soft beaches, sandy boardwalks, great sea waves, famous landmarks, and divine Californian cuisine are things to die for! Apart from them, the diverse wildlife like migrating whales or zestful otters and sightseeing with a night under the stars listening to the Pacific waves are a must-have experience.

It is not a secret that millions of people gather on California’s shores from all over the world along the rugged bluffs of Highway 1. So, we hope to bring you a few essential insights on beach camping in California from this article.

The ideal camping spots

The most popular coastal camping areas in California are Southern and Northern California. Southern California is known for its abundant sunshine and dry climate, and on the other hand, Northern California has wild shorelines and redwood forests. However, there are so many best spots, and they are diverse. Here we picked you some “best” out of the best places,

  • Wright’s Beach Campground
  • Doran Regional Park
  • Morro Strand State Beach
  • New Brighton State Beach
  • Rincon Parkway Campground
  • North Beach Campground
  • Doheny State Beach
  • Mission Bay RV Resort
  • Dockweiler RV Park

How to choose the best camping site

The Californian coastline is indeed sundry. Therefore, some things should catch your attention before choosing the most appropriate site that you plan to camp. If you are a tent camper, some of the sites may not be favorable to you since they only allow RV campers. Whereas, if you are an RV camper, there are also sites that would enable only tent camping. You can also find areas that permit both RV and tent camping. So here we bring you some popular RV camping sites,

  • Silver Strand State Beach
  • San Elijo State Beach
  • South Carlsbad State Beach
  • San Onofre State Beach
  • San Clemente State Beach
  • Doheny State Beach
  • Crystal Cove State Park
  • Bolsa Chica State Beach
  • Dockweiler State Beach RV Park

Tent camping sites,

  • Shipman Creek 
  • Coast Camp
  • Marshall Beach
  • Steep Ravine
  • Kirk Creek
  • Thornhill Broome
  • Two Harbors
  • Parsons Landing

Reservations and charges for the camping sites

Generally, many campgrounds fill up six months ahead, so it is important to reserve the sites ahead of time. Most campground reservations are made through ReserveCalifornia.com. The charges could vary from site to site. Therefore, it is crucial to check each campground with an individual website or contact for information. Check for policies when you make reservations online and how their enforcement of day limitations. It would help if you also considered following before reservations,

  • Parking fees
  • Camping reservations on sale-dates
  • Maximum R.V./Trailer lengths
  • First-come-first-served campgrounds
  • Restrictions and guidelines

Wildfires continue to impact natural areas around the state of California. For updated information on fires, closures, and the safety of your camping destination, be sure to check CalFire’s website. The current global crisis may also impact some campgrounds. Double-check their websites for the updated information on campground closures and regulations.

Camping tips

As the entire world is going through chaos, it is crucial that we follow safety guidelines wherever we go and in whatever we do. While acting responsibly, you can enjoy your stay at the campground. Look for safety while having bonfires and barbeques. Go prepared with things to do during your stay and take camping boxes to stay more organized. If you are health conscious, you can make some healthy alternatives and remember to have perishable food storage with you. And do not forget to have a decent supply of water and stash your trash as you are responsible for your garbage.

Happy camping! 

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